Founded in 1982, MTA Consulting is a partnership of experienced consultants who focus on a team’s work. Our philosophy is to combine our Team Architecture with the techniques of group dynamics. Our approach is also underpinned by the knowledge and foundation of work built by Dr Meredith Belbin, 

We have worked with industry, commerce and local government developing teams at all levels for over 30 years.

It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.


Our Mission is:

  1. To develop an environment which fosters team collaboration, learning and confidence
  2. To improve productivity and work management
  3. To promote an understanding of the needs of customers
  4. To improve the quality of the team’s working lives

While making use of web based tools and applications, our development activities are based on face to face interaction – “The key to building learning and developing relationships.” Our consultants are accredited to use many Belbin frameworks such as Team Roles, Work Roles, Team Architect, Assignment On Your Mark, Works For Me and Role Manager.

We can provide you with articles, case studies, and tools. Professional accreditation and master classes are continuously provided to customers. Our unique methodology integrates all relevant disciplines and phases of team transformation

We have been

  • Demonstrating innovation and success with teams for over thirty years.
  • Providing a service that goes beyond obvious symptoms  to diagnose and cure problems.
  • Using action-based methods, which means that team members become highly involved.
  • Seeking to establish an open and honest relationship with clients.
As the landscape of work changes we all need to adapt. The majority of teams want efficient processes, clear expectations and to contribute to the collective goal. We all need to learn that we can be effective together.

Changing The Way your TEAMS Work