How would a consultation with MTA Consulting work?

We meet with you to determine your needs:

  • Assess your strengths
  • Explore your concerns
  • Establish a way forward

We communicate with you and your team to define the outcomes:

  • Define the purpose of the work
  • Provide information about the context and benefits
  • Prepare guidance on the methods to be used

We facilitate the work by:

  • Providing tailored events in the location of your choice
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Recording the outcomes

We provide tools for improvement by:

  • Providing coaching
  • Developing new tools
  • Allowing time for practice and integration

We build the working relationship by:

  • Keeping in contact
  • Sharing ideas
  • Inviting you to new events

We monitor outcomes by:

  • Encouraging self assessment
  • Managing feedback from stakeholders
  • Further profiling

We believe that businesses need to share their concerns and ambitions before committing to an improvement process.

We believe that the key ingredient to creating success is to build a team based business.

We treat each stage as a stepping stone to this success