The purpose of this profiling tool is to help delegates gain more insight into the way they achieve results through people.

The profile looks at several competences:

  • Recognising the needs of the team
  • Reflecting on and solving problems
  • Encouraging ownership of work and responsibility
  • Recognising others contribution
  • Challenging behaviour in the team


The assessment was recently introduced into a manufacturing company with approximately 200 staff who all worked in teams and were responsible for very specific deliverables.  It followed our management development programme called “Stepping into Management” which introduced them to the basics of team leadership:  this also gave them a chance to share ideas, build closer relationships and give each other feedback.

The Insight assessment followed these stages:

  1. Defined the capability framework
  2. Constructed and agreed the behaviours
  3. Distributed self-assessment questionnaires
  4. Selected and distributed questionnaires for observers, including team members and managers
  5. Collated the results and distributed the reports.
  6. Carried out feedback sessions
  7. Completed and distributed improvement plans.

We introduced Insight by asking delegates to self assess themselves against the framework and then we carried out 360 degree feedback to their manager.  This helped to demystify the process and build the culture of feedback.

Teams which had different nationalities were given assessment forms translated into their native tongue.


Once the assessments had been completed we held some feedback sessions in groups and some individually.

Feedback sessions focus on three areas:

  • Insight into individual capability
  • Impact on relationships
  • Implications for the effectiveness of the team

The latter was an optional extra but did offer a great opportunity to improve the performance of the groups.



I can see in a black and white way where my weaknesses are and this has helped me to understand what I need to do to improve.


The coaching session allowed us time to talk things through.
It was good to have the opportunity to help each other.
It opened my eyes a bit and gave me a lot of new ideas.

Managing Director:

The stand out benefit with the Insight programme is that both Manager and Director get instant, accurate ideas that they can focus on, discuss and implement for direct and immediate continual development of both individual and the organisation.

This has now become part of the performance management process and has been used with all team leaders.  It will also be introduced for new team leaders to help them learn their new role.

Some team leaders have adapted their approach or changed their role in the light of a better understanding of themselves.