The business runs three pubs in Dorset which focus on classic dining, quality wine, real ale and a well designed customer environment.

The purpose of the assignment was to:

  • Create a clearer picture of where their business was going and build the brand
  • Develop their management capability
  • Build on effective relationships with the wider team


This was conducted through meetings with the Managing Director over two months clarifying the key issues facing the business.  During this time the team building programme was agreed along with the parameters for the mystery shop which was used to evaluate progress.

The team role analysis revealed that the management team had a good balance between generating ideas and being able to put them into practice. This was confirmed by an excellent record of innovation and improvement.

The project tried to separate out the two strengths by taking time and space to agree improvements and then allowing the dynamic personal relationships to apply them in each particular location.


Team role Analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team

Teambuilding day which developed a dialogue between all the key managers

Territory mapping which created a development plan for each pub

Promotion on wines which included training for staff focusing on both the features and benefits of particular wines and how to present them to staff

An incentive plan targeted at promoting wines

Mystery shop assessing the work roles of service providers

A report for each pub against agreed parameters which resulted in an improvement plan

The two mystery shoppers visited each site three months after the team building day to assess progress against the action plan.

Using two mystery shoppers created a consistency around the assessment and they were able to bounce ideas off each other.  Team role analysis of the mystery shoppers confirmed both their suitability for the role and their capacity for working together.

Running parallel to this the mystery shop also made an assessment of the various promotions and was used to evaluate the staff incentive scheme.


  • Development of a corporate brand for the pub chain
  • Increased profitability
  • Encouraged a dialogue across the different sites and made it easier to discuss challenging issues
  • Created a culture of recognition for individual contributions
  • Built a stronger management team

“Over the last few years we have worked successfully together with Mike on various projects which have enabled us to identify areas of training and marketing requirements for our growing business. We have focused  on areas which have given us foundations to develop our management structure and by doing so formed a strategic direction for where we need to be.”

Rod Lamont CEO of The Kings Arms Group