The business is a family run precision engineering company with a subsidiary in the Czech Republic.

Some directors had recently left prior to the assignment commencing.  The company was very dependent on one customer and needed to differentiate responsibilities better amongst management and devote more time to sales and marketing.  There had been substantial investment in machinery & equipment, but less in systems and processes.

The MD decided that a restructure of the management team was vital.

The stages of the assignment were:

  • Re-draw the organisational structure and define responsibilities
  • Profile the management using 360 team role analysis
  • Re-assign roles to improve fit with jobs
  • Recruit externally to fill gaps
  • Complete analysis of the new management team
  • Appoint a non executive Director
  • Set fresh objectives to support the new strategy

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360 Degree Profiling

Initially we produced a team role report for the Managing Director to help him become familiar with his own style along with the different functions other people could play in a team.

We then completed 360 degree team role profiles for the remainder of the team.  Candidates were able to select their own observers and all feedback was given confidentially on line.

Coaching interviews helped individuals understand feedback and how they contributed at work.  Some managers then changed their role to produce a better fit with their responsibilities.

Recruiting New Team Members

We then embarked on the lengthy process of recruiting people for new jobs.  This included:

  • Finance Director
  • General Manager
  • Manufacturing Manager

Each job was profiled and candidates were interviewed and shortlisted:  all candidates then received 360 degree profiles and the following reports:

  • Team Role profile
  • Fit with role  
  • Effectiveness of working relationship with the M.D.
  • Balance of the new management team

Non Executive Director

Once this process was completed the final piece of the jigsaw was to select a Non-Executive Director.  We wanted someone who could work well with both the M.D. and add balance to the team.

Once this was complete we produced a complete set of reports for the management team, redefined their work roles and established a monthly performance management process.


Improved ability to focus on sales opportunities and broaden the client base.
Introduction of a new business strategy differentiating low cost and high cost manufacture
Focus on supplier management and better performance of supplies
Introduction of clear objectives for each role which are reviewed on a three monthly basis.

“Accurate profiles gave a clear picture of how people contributed. Some key personnel had enjoyed “fire fighting” as a learned behaviour which we had overlooked.”

“Team synergy has been a key to running the business and we now have a balanced team- no round pegs in square holes!”

“Our message to our staff inadvertently drove the wrong results. Together with the correct approach having everyone on the same page we’ve seen fantastic results.” I’m very proud of what we have accomplished with MTA’s support and direction.”

Joe Martello MD .


Profiling Procedure

Stage 1

Brief the people who have a thorough knowledge of the job that is to be profiled.

Complete the capability questionnaire and come up with an assessment they can all agree on.

Stage 2

Agree the feedback protocol to candidates along with any other client care issues.

Distribute the input guides by email to the people to be profiled along with a brief outline of the purpose of the process and a submission date deadline

Candidates submit their Self Perception questionnaires on line and their selected observers (5 is the best number) do likewise

Monitor assessments and provide progress reports on what is being received. Observers sometimes take time to submit their assessments

Stage 3

Forward the assessments to recruitment panel.

Run the Job Suitability reports and working relationship analysis for each person – aligning the Job requirement Profile with each person’s Team Roles profile.

Distribute recommendation on the suitability or otherwise

Feedback to candidates


Clear and objective understanding of the role

Third party feedback  which provides an accurate picture of strengths

An assessment of how someone fits with your job requirements

Ability to assemble profiles for people in other areas or countries

Clear picture of how someone will fit into the team

Real understanding of how candidates handle the process