Self-Assessment | 360 feedback | Improvement Plans

Does management capability matter?

This approach is designed to develop individuals who are reponsible, autonomous and self-determining.

It is essential to provide focused development and constructive feedback to individuals when you are relying on them to deliver significant results.

In traditional organisations a formal approach is taken and people concentrate on their professional development and gaining accreditation.


Our approach is client centred and aimed at developing an improved performance from your talented and increasingly expensive resources. This involves:-

  1. Assessing their capability
  2. Identifying learning opportunities
  3. Giving them space to interpret their work
  4. Helping them review their management capability
  5. Giving encouragement and feedback
  6. Facilitating their development

“We give too little time to this process.”

Other commitments and expectations placed on professional staff and managers restrict time  for effective supervision.  If this happens, you or your colleagues may handle certin demands poorly and be drawn to other parts of his or her role, which detract from their real strengths.

Responsible staff need continuous assessment, support and development.  This will:-

  1. Release the potential of individuals
  2. Allow you more time to fulfil your own responsibilities.
  3. Build the independence and confidence of staff

Our capability review process will help you accomplish this.  There are three steps to managing the review:

Review individual’s requirements

  • Identify key elements of performance.
  • Introduce competence assessment
  • 360 degree feedback


Develop an effective plan

  • Plan a learning strategy
  • Explore motivation
  • Help staff focus on the future

Coaching and support

  • Provide support
  • Observation and monitoring
  • Coaching and feedback

This feedback tool integrates personal development with career management



  1. The acquisition of different management tools
  2. An accurate view of strengths and weaknesses
  3. Peer pressure and encouragement to change and development
  4. Improved relationships and trust as people play to their strengths
  5. Better return on time and money invested in training
  6. More confidence in colleagues
  7. Greater work satisfaction

Call us and arrange for a capability review.

We will:

  • Agree the areas of capability with you
  • Design the assessment proflie
  • Manage the feedback process
  • Introduce improvement plans

Develop your capability