We live in a world in which everyone is rushing to give work away. We often carry out the wrong work because we misunderstood the expectations. 

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When we delegate work we also get the wrong work back because we gave the wrong work away . In the heat of the moment we were unaware of the choices we were making when we assigned the work. 

The ABC of delegation:

  1. Assess the work you want done and how you can communicate this requirement
  2. Brief the individual or the team
  3. Continue to communicate during the interpretation of work
  4. Debrief work giving honest feedback
  5. Enhance the way you empower others

The aim of good delegation is to improve insight into how work is distributed while at the same time empowering others to be able to complete work effectively: this has the bonus fostering the skill of delivering more from one’s own role.

The Development Steps:

  1. Understand the difficulties of empowering people
  2. Recognise the different types of work
  3. Develop our interactive skills to demand more from work receivers
  4. Use our working styles to build longer term collaborative relationships
  5. Take time out to focus on different solutions and explore risks
  6. Communicate at the work breakdown
  7. Learn to let go
  8. Monitor progress
  9. Engage better with people at work handover
  10. Create an improvement plans to enhance the way you empower colleagues

The approach provides different tools to help delegates understand how work is distributed in a way that empowers team members.  This enables lean working practices and tools to be understood and assigned in a variety of environments.  It can be delivered through coaching, as a one day event or integrated into team development.

 Delegation That Works:

  1. Helps people become more engaged with their roles
  2. Develops skills in assigning and delegating work
  3. Encourages team members to understand their working style
  4. Prepares checklists to use in empowering team members
  5. Provides an opportunity to review the balance of work in the team