Improving performance through coaching is vital in this complex world.  Growing numbers of managers and professional staff , WILL ENJOY enhancING their approach to coaching.

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the different roles, skills and processes involved in providing help, guidance and support to individuals using the GROW model.

We use a simple model that helps delegates see coaching as a cycle of events.  It also allows them to assess where they are on any coaching assignment.  Coaching can be seen as a process that is as important as any other commercial process.  We need to understand and use it to bring business benefits.


The course will provide an opportunity to discuss learning and development needs, how they are managed and participants’ personal role in this process.  Videos will be provided to illustrate good practice in such skills as coaching, and course members will be expected to practice these tasks in role-play situations.  Much of the focus will be on real life situations currently of concern to the participants.


  • Planning a structure for your sessions
  • Self assess your coaching skills
  • Exploring issues and concerns
  • Use of feedback and encouragement
  • Action Planning
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Keeping records


  1. An environment which allows individuals time to think
  2. Structured approach to improving performance which is measured
  3. Acquisition of new tools for work
  4. Increased motivation of coaches
  5. Targeted investment in staff
  6. Facilitation of Individual Development Plans
  7. Balanced and effective internal coaching team

Our objective is to retain and develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes of your coaches and helping you building a learning culture.

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25 years experience of coaching your teams

Clients who have used this programme include:-

JP Morgan | Castle Point | Mostyns | Zelweger Ltd

The GROW approach provides a model which enables us to recognise individual aspirations and be able to use techniques to interact more successfully with others to establish greater rapport and confidence.

The workshop will be participative and you are invited to bring along a case history or situational examples you would be willing to share with others in the group.

Cost: £200 plus VAT to include buffet lunch

Places will be limited to six and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  To reserve a place on the course, please email Mike Tanner at mike