The aim of this programme is to give a greater understanding of the communication process. For many professionals, results come from being able to hold crucial conversations with others.

Success depends on:

  • The language they choose
  • The structure they adopt
  • The emotion they express

This programme provides approaches, tactics and skills for achieving collaboration and provides an opportunity to put them into practice in a safe environment.

It is combined with team roles to help delegates understand how to adapt their approach to different colleagues.

They will also provide an opportunity to understand yourself together with your influencing style.

Communication Skills:

The ability to communicate in a structured way to persuade someone to cooperate with you.

There are two types of skills:-

  1. Relationship management skills which provide a platform for influence and demonstrate your respect, agreement and understanding of another person’s point of view.
  2. Contracting skills which demonstrate your willingness to take a stand and make an impact.


Delegates attending the workshop will be able to:-

  1. Examine their current work relationships and identify where to focus.
  2. Identify the skills they need to use.
  3. Communicate with different types of people.
  4. Use a variety of approaches to make your case.
  5. Practice routines for coping with different situations.


Delegates will be taken through the essential steps of the communication process and helped to learn the skill sets in each stage.

Together with this, delegates need to develop their sensitivity to others, understand what type of person they are and what impact they can have at different times.


The programme covers the following areas:

  • Help others understand what you want and need.
  • Understand the different types of people with whom you collaborate.
  • Hear and really understand what others say.
  • Map your approach using the process communication model.
  • Use different methods to make your offer.
  • Anticipate and avoid common misunderstanding.
  • Adapt your style to the situation.

Normal price: £150.00