The continually changing nature of work, and the increasing emphasis on technology, has made it more difficult to RESOND TO  work  requirements FOR BOTH teams and individuals.

The demarcation between jobs has receded in the quest to improve efficiency.  This however, has created uncertainty, diluted specialist skills and reduced the quality of working lives. We now need a:

  1. New way of managing work
  2. More scrutiny about how work is prioritised
  3. Better understanding of our work management processes
  4. An honest dialogue about everyone’s contribution.

Clearly defined work roles combined with process mapping and role management can put you in control of your work. Our service will give you the opportunity to:

  1. Discuss the way you work
  2. Explore the benefits of working with different people
  3. Share ideas with others
  4. Develop new tools to help you work more effectively

We are all getting busier and we need more innovative ways of working, if we are to maintain quality and customer service. Untitled-1

What This Will Offer:

  1. A methodology for defining work
  2. Clarification of work expectations and benefits
  3. Assignments owned by those who do the work
  4. Crucial communication between managers and employees
  5. Benefit realisation between management and team members
  6. Analysis of work which is being carried out non-productively
  7. More resilience to challenging situations
  8. Disciplined approach to lessons learned and process improvement
  9. Improved ways of managing your talent

The Journey:

What Works For You?
  • What tools do we need?
  • Barriers to productive work
  • Understanding the requirement
Prioritising Work:
  • Planning to work
  • Giving work instructions
  • Clarifying benefits
Working More Productively:
  • What are the key processes?
  • Mapping the flow
  • Developing the checklists
  • Encouraging self review
Role Management:
  • How can we be more honest about work?
  • Getting accurate feedback
  • Ground rules for telling it like it is
Building Partnerships:
  • Exploring working relationships
  • Avoiding black holes
  • Managing Partnerships
What Works For Me:
  • Benefit realisation
  • Identifying waste
  • Recognising improvement work

How You Can Use This:

  • Provide a workshop for your target group
  • Profile individuals approach to working with others
  • Individual coaching

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