One Objective – Ten Different Routes To Improve

18th APRIL 2015

The challenge for all organisations is to redefine, build and develop their teams.

This emphasises the importance of collaborative working.

We need to understand the different dimensions of teamwork and the need for improvement at these separate levels:  we can then build the processes and introduce new tools  to improve performance.


Our aim is to introduce you to some of the finest approaches used world wide by the Belbin community of team builders along with giving you the challenge of building your winning team.

  • Focusing the team – Facilitating the setting of team goals
  • Identity and integrity – What sort of team can you be
  • What are the guiding principles you employ to encourage honesty and trust
  • Focusing on who does what – What are the different roles?
  • Success criteria-Our new approach to establishing expectations
  • Managing performance – Building in review and making it work for your team
  • Assigning the work- maitaining expectations
  • Building the community – how do we develop the team
  • Making a difference – Managing value
  • Providing recognition – Celebrating our success on using our map?

The event is for:

Directors, managers, project managers, team leaders, coaches and HR professionals

Learn about:

10 new choices around building a capable team

9 ways to create efficient and lean teams

8 techniques for valuing individual difference and managing controversy and creativity in the team

7 steps in managing the work process and maximising individual’s contribution

6 new ways of delegating work and creating real ownership of jobs

5 essential stages in growing team leaders

4 different approaches to work roles

3 essential ways to enhance the way teams spend time together

2 new approaches to creating team improvement agendas

An understanding of how team working can contribute to  achieving your goals together.