Collaboration Works

An Insight Into Managing & Exceeding Expectations.

Friday 25th November.


The purpose is to help delegates look at their response to expectations set by those around them and develop their approach to building effective working relationships.

If we are to collaborate with others we need to:

  1. Understand ourselves and others
  2. Learn how to trust
  3. Develop our commitment to communication
  4. Build our approach to managing expectations
  5. Recognise ways of adding value


Delegates will be able to:-

  1. Understand how they respond to different demands
  2. Recognise different types of people they are likely to work with so that they can adapt their style
  3. Manage their working style so that they can contribute in the most effective way
  4. Improve their interactive skills skills and competencies
  5. Build an action plan to develop skills for use in managing collaborative relationships
  6. Understand the value chain along with how to manage benefits


All delegates will receive their team role profile prior to the event.

Delegates will be encouraged to look at their own particular style along with how they behave  when working with different partners.

Participants will have an opportunity to explore how they receive and manage relationships through role play and exercises: they will be given feedback on how they approach different tasks.

Finally, delegates will be asked to draw up action plans.


  1. Review your collaboration work and bring your list of crucial working relationships
  2. Think about what messages you give to other people (e.g. I am the one you can rely on not to make silly mistakes)
  3. Give consideration to any difficulties you experience in managing working relationships


Building Your Identity:

  • The different types of work
  • Who do you think you are
  • What messages do you give off when working with others

Building Trust & Embracing Diversity::

  • Drawing your work map
  • Understanding your capabilities
  • Valuing different partnerships

Constructive Dialogue:

  • Scoping out work
  • Understanding your working style
  • Being honest about your availability

Improving Working Relatationships:

  • Creating ground rules for working with others
  • Adapting to different situations
  • Understanding what motivates different individuals

Managing Expectations::

  • Focusing on solutions
  • Meeting to decide
  • Giving and taking feedback

Establishing the Habit:

  • Improvement planning
  • Asking for help