MANAGING The Team’s Ambition

Defining, planning and communicating expectations is the first process in our team management platform.  It is the teams  which play to their strengths that always win.

To understand the team’s assets we must look at them in many different ways.

We can help you:

  • Define the goals
  • Analyse the team
  • Adapt your capability to your needs

We offer a number of tools to help you manage this critical stage.

Setting The Goals

We design an agenda and facilitate the team meeting to help groups establish their direction., objectives and success criteria.

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Question of Balance

We can obtain accurate data about the team’s balance using team role profiling. We then work with the team to develop its capability. We have been using this with management teams for over 25 years.

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Working Style

This is a way of defining what work you are drawn to using team roles.  The approach can also be used for establishing job requirements.

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Our process is aimed at managers and teams who are keen to keep up with modern practices and help staff to contribute.

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RolE Call

This helps you to clearly define the constraints of work and is constructed around Work Role Analysis and Benefit Realisation.

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Delegation Style

This is a a feedback tool for managers to help them look at how they distribute work.

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Recruiting New Team Members

A revolutionary approach which will help you establish how prospective cndidates will both meet job requirements and fit into the team.

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Teams that plan and distribute work effectively know

  1. Where to invest their time
  2. How to manage their energy and enthusiasm
  3. How to relate to suppliers and customers
  4. How to target their ambition
  5. What their limitations are

Why not use one of our tools to help you manage your teams assets

We have been helping clients plan the development of their teams for over 30 years.