To improve effectiveness organisations want teams to take responsibility for both the targets teams set and the way they work.

The Process

This can be achieved by encouraging them to look at:-

  • Their strategy
  • The way they work
  • The objectives to be set
  • The way they communicate with each other
  • The benefits goals have on other teams 

Our approach is to establish a clear contract with both the team involved and those responsible for the team’s performance.  We then work with the team to develop its autonomy.

Teams are judged at work by the contribution they can make.  We help teams unravel this puzzle.


  1. Code of practice for making collaborative decisions
  2. Analysis of the team along with its challenges
  3. Development of the agenda
  4. Teambuilding events
  5. Development of imp[rovement projects
  6. Dynamic management of job roles
  7. Advice on the reporting mechanisms between the team and its manager


  1. A vision which everyone has bought into
  2. Development of  new decision making skills
  3. Building relationships within the team
  4. Exploration of key business processes
  5. Development of the performance management cycle

How Your Organisation Could Use It:

Option 1:

Design a strategy day to give your team time and space to think about the future

Option 2:

Integrate our approach into your change management agenda

Option 3:

Use it to help your management team prepare their business plan

Why not help your teams to develop their confidence to set goals for the future