• Do you feel confident managing complex situations with diverse staff?
  • Do you have a code of conduct to help you manage team behaviour?
  • Do you want to build the reputation of your team?

Our process is aimed at managers and teams who are keen to keep include everyone, keep up  with modern practices and help staff to contribute.

Much of our behaviour is governed by rules and standards. There are two standards in every workplace:

“The written one and the one, to which people conform!”

Good team management is about bringing these two together so that everyone understands the standards of behaviour expected in the team.


When behavioural issues occur with diverse and talented staff, mangers need to:

  1. Recognise and define the guiding principles of the group
  2. Build effective team behaviour
  3. Ensure the whole team conforms to the agreed practice
  4. Build the diversity of the team


  • Agree the values with the team
  • Chose champions who will promote these values
  • Publish the behaviours
  • Facilitate feedback to individuals
  • Provide coaching for managers and team leaders
  • Design the card sort to help discuss behaviours at team meetings
  • Introduce 360 degree feedback
  • Complete team role profiling to understand individual behaviour


  • All team members bought into behavioural standards
  • Continually update yourself on new rules
  • Keep on side of the law

We have used this appraoch with the Scissors Group to develop standards of behaviour in the Salons, NORCO GRP to build management capability.

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