O that God the gift would give us To see ourselves as others see us Robbie Burns

Teams bring together individuals with a wide range of talent and experience. Together they have the potential to make a great contribution to performance.

“Are you getting the full benefit of this potential?”

Our “Question Of Balance” workshop” allows individuals to explore the dynamics of a team and how they can adjust roles, relationships and processes to maximise their contribution.  This is a fun day using exercises, games, self reflection and feedback to allow individuals to construct a clearer picture of how they and others can contribute.

Every team must continually travel through the essential team processes and different team members can contribute in different ways.  All your team members need to be fully and actively conscious of each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their professional expertise. Highly effective teams balance these so that all members can contribute.

A workshop to help you understand and develop your teams capability.


  1. Team role analysis of all participants
  2. Exploration of the capability of the team
  3. Understand the different types of personality within the team
  4. Experiential exercises to build the team
  5. Identification of behaviours which encourage inclusion
  6. Exploration of processes for balancing the team
  7. Different ways to manage conflict
  8. Action plans to improve the team


  • Team profiles will provide both a reliable way of reviewing team performance and identifying ways of lifting performance
  • Objective and non-threatening profiles offer an opportunity to identify where each team member can make their best contribution
  • Fun activities will galvanise the team and recharge individuals
  • An understanding of team dynamics and an unlocking of creative partnerships
  • More open relationships between team members which allow constructive discussion of difficult issues

How Could My Organisation Use It?

Option 1:

Use at a team event or away day as a motivating, fun and developmental activity

Option 2:

Nominate a target group of managers or team leaders who we will take through the whole process.

Option 3:

Use it to look at one particular team and how it can improve.

Question of Balance is now in its 20thyear of liberating teams