Candidate ProFILiNG

Are there times when recruitment becomes rushed, candidates are not objectively assessed and the new role holder disappoints you?

man in box

We offer:

  1. Role review
  2. Self assessment of candidates
  3. Peer assessment of candidates
  4. Manager assessment
  5. Team Role profiles
  6. Reports on candidates fit with role
  7. Analysis of future working relationships
  8. Feedback to candidates
  9. All online

Feedback to candidates –  Looking Outside The Box

Your candidates are out there – is your research?

The Process

  1. Brief the people who have a thorough knowledge of the job
  2. Complete the Job Requirement questionnaire
  3. Prepare or update job roles
  4. Select possible candidates
  5. Complete on line assessments
  6. Prepare interview plans
  7. Run the Job Suitability reports and working relationship analysis for each person
  8. Conduct interviews
  9. Distribute recommendation on the suitability or otherwise
  10. Feedback


  • Clear and objective understanding of the role
  • Third party feedback  which provides an accurate picture of strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to assemble profiles for people in other areas or countries
  • Clear picture of how someone will fit into the team

Ways You Can Use It

  1. Recruiting New Team Members Course
  2. Job profiling
  3. Candidate profiling
  4. Coaching the interview team