Understanding Your Working Style

In modern organisations we work in teams and the balance of players in the team is critical to success.  Team leaders need to understand this diversity and team members need to unerstand their working style.

Our team management system can give you the techniques needed to help you maximise your individual potential.

This is achieved through a suite of feedback instruments.  Comprehensive reports about individuals working style and teams working preferences promote a better understanding amongst team members and foster collaborative work.

In a world of standardisation and conformity working style offers you the opportunity to exploit the diversity of any group.  It can bring the balance and confidence to the team members and help them achieve success.  Football managers spend a fortune trying to do this-you do not have to.

Switch your team on by helping them understand themselves better and give them the edge.


  • Assess your working style
  • Identify what your working preferences are
  • Explore the working style of those around you
  • Set targets for delegating some work outside your working preferences
  • Identify any black holes
  • Review outcomes

There are 36 different styles you can adopt!


Team RoleS

Provides a common language that allows team members to understand each other’s contribution and talk about work issues.

Job Requirements Profile

Provides a furhter insight into how people view each others’ roles:  it also provides a means of assessing the demand of a particular job.

Working Style Profile

This shows the likely work roles a person will chose.  It also shows us the likely work two people will be drawn in to when working together.

Given a knowledge of their working style a person can make the following adjustments.

(a) modify their working choices to meet the expectations  of others

(b) project the their preferences more effectively so that others understand what they do well

(c) look for a working associate who can supply the roles that they lack

Ways Your Organisation Could Use It:

Option 1:

Assess styles on line and use it for individual coaching

Option 2:

Build it into team building workshops

Option 3:

Analysis what wasted work occurs in the team, and explore the working styles of managers, suppliers and customers who draw you into these black holes

Over 50% of companies in the Footsie 100 use this approach to analyse their working preferences.  It has also been translated into 25 different languages so we can work accross different international boundaries.