Performance Management

Do you understand what helps people contribute?

“Managing and tracking performance is a lost art.”

We see less and less of each other and yet are increasingly dependent on a consistent quality contribution at work.

To manage performance and increase effectiveness we must collect data in many different ways: what has been achieved, where there have been difficulties, ow priorities need to change, how roles need to develop, what resources are required


This can only be achieved through a holistic performance management framework.

The Process:

The aim of the performance management process is to give staff the opportunity to explore, discover and clarify what is a priority and how to work more effectively.  There are three essential components:-

  • A system that everyone understands
  • Individual responsibility to manage deliverables
  • Support for complex and challenging issues

We can then help you look at each element of the process.


This can be adapted to meet your needs. Everyone needs to continuously review and update this essential business function.


  • Development of feedback systems
  • Design of documentation
  • Facilitation of meetings
  • Auditing of the system
  • Individual coaching for managers
  • Investors In People accreditation


  • Work aligned with the business plan
  • Focus on the real constraints of work
  • All staff engaged
  • Effective management of scarce resources

How Organisations Can Use Our Service:

Option 1:

Map the process with the team

Option 2:

Design a dashboard for monitoring team performance

Option 3:

Observe and give feedback on performance management meetings

Option 4:

Assess the balance of the team using team role profiling and make adjustment to different roles

Option 5:

Provide Performance Management Training

Organisations that have used our service include:

Exchange & Mart | Zellweger Analytics | Rolls Royce | Wessex Electrical | Humming Bird

Norco GRP