Improving Processes

Understanding the way you work

Our process apping is an approach designed to help you work more efficiently.

Process Mapping offers a means of understanding requirements ‘improving work flow and developing flexibility

Take this opportunity to explore your work processes, understand the way you respond to demands and give more satisfaction to your customers

The Process:

Different people look for different types of work. Our unique approach makes the assumption that there are four different types of work, decision making work ,tasks or structured work, collaborative work and interactive work.


Some people love interacting with team member whilst others want to be rewarded for individual effort.  Each person brings their own preferences to work with them. In a recent survey 80% of respondents felt that obtaining the right balance of work was critical to improving team effectiveness and staying in their job. We need to understand:-

  • The work process
  • How individuals interpret this work
  • What causes them frustration or dissatisfaction


  • Defining sytems
  • Mapping processes
  • Identifying process owners
  • Organising version control and document management
  • Setting targets for improving key processes
  • Self assessment of individual work preferences
  • 360 degree feedback of working style
  • Reviewing outcomes and standards

The assessment process uses a simple self assessment tool along with a feedback form that can be used by colleagues or stakeholders to provide an outside perspective.  These can be managed by paper or be completed on line.


  • Better understanding of standard operating procedures
  • Self knowledge of how to approach work
  • An appreciation of constraints
  • Improved cooperation between different teams
  • Greater sense of responsibility

Build the quality of individual’s working lives

Help them get back in control of their work

Manage your key processes