The dynamic distribution of work is absolutely key to productive and efficient work, meeting customer requirements and  retaining talented staff.

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the various drivers such as:-

  • Flexible prioritising work
  • Efficient process management
  • Talent management
  • Work-life balance

“We need to emphasise the importance of the quality of working lives and obtaining the best from team members giving them some flexibility to interpret their roles and work in the most effective way.”

Effective assignment of work enables staff to move to take on more responsibility along with innovative ways of working.

When we look at problems, we often look at them piecemeal rather than looking at the way work is distributed and managed. Work assignment is a way of examining how work is allocated and asking ourselves what it is we can do to improve outcomes.

The Process:

Accurate assignment of work aims to help you both distribute work effectively and achieve more effective working practices.  During assignments we will meet on a regular basis during which we will take you on a proven step by step process to help you delegate work effectively.


This needs to begin with an examination of work roles and then move on to the briefing and allocation process.  There are many specific strategies, which can contribute to flexibility, efficiency and work satisfaction.

  • The work assessment process is concerned with targets and output
  • The briefing process is concerned with distribution of work to staff
  • The support processes are concerned with help and assistance

Our service will help you look at all the different aspects of work distribution, explore some of our unique tools, and implement the improvements which will increase efficiency and clarify the focus on your needs and your customers needs.

This chain is a well established model, which explains the sustainable effectiveness of many teams and organisations and is used by consultants across the world. The approach attributes success to sound relationships with internal and external customers.

What We Can Offer:

  • 10 different tools to help you distribute work
  • Targeted coaching focusing on delegation
  • Training on empowerment
  • 4 different ways to communicate work requirements.
  • Self assessment of the way you distribute work.
  • 360 degree feedback questionnaires.
  • Candidate reports on working style.
  • Development guides for staff to help them distribute work.
  • Strategies, which will facilitate the quality of working lives and staff retention.
  • Training courses in work assignment and flexible practices.
  • Development of feedback tools to help manage work expectations
  • Games and card sorts to be used at team meetings to develop best practice
  • Work life balance coaching
  • Mapping of processes and working practices to encourage ownership of work.

This is a way of improving quality for both individuals and your teams.