Managing with Flexibility

Works for me is a model for managing work both flexibly and effectively.

It is a fusion of three tools:  process management, work roles and benefit realisation

It gives practitioners a structure for managing projects or other assigned work whilst helping them maintain a focus on the agreed benefits.  There are six stages:-

  1. Receiving work
  2. Prioritising expectations
  3. Understanding processes
  4. Performance management
  5. Recognising benefits
  6. Agreeing improvements

This is like sharing a remote control: Everyone knows how to use it, however thers are some functions we need to share!


The management of work and projects is a critical issue so that organisations can:-

  • Rely on individuals to deliver significant results
  • Manage risk and improve quality
  • Meet customers and stakeholders expectations

This involves briefing work holders better, giving them the space to interpret their role, allowing them the opportunity to review their processes and giving them time and support.  We give too little time to this.

“As a result our key staff are stressed, burnt out and overworked”

A work pacage manager is often a’ professional first and a manager second’.  Expectations placed on them rarely allow time for reflection and effective supervision. Work managers need both systems and skills.


Identify work requirements:

  • Understand the issues of new assignments
  • Share and improve current practice
  • Understand what works and what doesn’t
  • Assess work accurately

Balance priorities:

  • Understand how decisons are made
  • Assess the needs for resources
  • Talk about risks
  • Explore personal attitudes towards productivity and flexibility

Develop effective processes:

  • Encourage process ownership.
  • Identify effective tools for monitoring and managing performance

Support team members:

  • Develop skills in: agreeing objectives, observation, monitoring and recording, coaching, providing feedback
  • Evaluate the outcomes
  • Set up process improvement systems that will continue to keep performance management as a live issue


  • Share ideas with colleagues
  • Receive objective feedback
  • Reflect on their own experience
  • Aquire new tools for managing work
  • Discover their personal strengths

This will build their energy and enthusiasm for the challenges of work and create a quality of work and life for those around them. Works for Me is the most important step towards productivity.


  • Management of benefits and margins
  • Less duplication of work and greater efficiency
  • Improved commitment of staff
  • Consistency through conformance to processes
  • Acquisition of different tools for managing work
  • The development of individuals
  • Allow senior managers more time to fulfil their own responsibilities.

Organisations that have used our service include:

The Welcome Foundation | Norco GRP | Idealogy | Copperchase | Micronas Oy | Business Link