The third element of our service concerns managing value and realising benefits  This involves:

  • Meeting to review progress and recognising where individual responsibility lies
  • Discussing work in an honest and constructive way
  • Managing  capability
  • Taking time out to think what what adds value
  • Recognising personal limitations through profiling
  • Giving and managing feedback

Team roles and work roles can help us to communicate in all these areas: combined with process mapping and process management we can learn to improve the way we work.


Line of enquiry

This has been designed to help you with challenging conversations: it will help explore both achievements and disappointments and build better collaboration.

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We both design feedback tools to your speciation and collect the feedback you need for your team: we can then help manage the changing contributions of all team members.

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We have worked with and developed groups for over 40 years. We help you design group meetings, manage group dynamics and evaluate outcomes.

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