Seeking feedback along with valuing everyone’s contribution.

To understand people and identify their contribution we must look at them in many different ways:-

  • What did they value and enjoy doing?
  • Where do their competencies lie?
  • How did they fit into the team?
  • How did they interpret their role?
  • Where do they spend their time?
  • What is their attitude or outlook ?
  • At what stage are they in their  career development?

This is like painting a portrait over a period over time using different sketches to illustrate different characteristics of each individual.  We use recognised tools to assess and measure performance  and provide feedback on people’s contribution.


We seek to involve individuals in the assessment process.

Together with this we have 360-degree feedback pro-formas to help individuals involve customers and colleagues in obtaining a better perspective of their strengths and weaknesses.

We can also design assessment tools to meet your needs.



  • Assessment of capability and competence
  • Insight into how people manage team members
  • Assessment of team roles and how a person fits into the team
  • Profiles of communication and influencing style
  • Job role profiles
  • Assessment center exercises
  • Individual coaching to help staff understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Matching people to jobs in the placement processes


Improved working relationships will result, as colleagues better understand where people can contribute.  Staff who have been accurately assessed know

  1. Where to invest their time
  2. How to maximise their investment in training
  3. What their limitations are

It is like looking at someone under a microscope.

How You Can Use It In Your Organisation:

  • Build a feedback tool into your appraisal process
  • Use our feedback guide during coaching or supervision
  • Provide advice on capabilities to senior management
  • Profile of candidates for recruitment.
  • Investors In People accreditation

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