Unleashing Individual Potential

Many organisations miss out on the elaborate development programmes offered by business schools and are put off by the `ten steps to heaven’ solutions offered by consultancies. They can gain better value by using coaching. This is a specialist service we are able to offer which focuses on the development of key staff.

It reflects the current trend towards individuals taking more responsibility for individual development and not relying on the expert to take care of them. We are able to use our experience to try and fit the right kind of approach with the appropriate member of staff.

We can also offer assessment training and supervision for your coaches.

Effective coaching has many benefits including:

  • Targeting individual needs
  • Maximising your investment in training
  • Optimising individual’s potential
  • Encouraging flexibility
  • Building teamwork
  • Maintaining the relationship between team members

The Coaching Process:-

We see coaching as a process, which needs to be managed just like any other function. Developing your approach will galvanise your teams and your staff and help them see it as an integrated part of working life.

What We Can Offer

  • Individual coaching
  • Courses on coaching
  • Auditing of the coaching process
  • Assessment of individual coaching styles
  • Design of individual tools & guides
  • Assignments
  • Career counselling
  • Review of organisational approaches to coaching