Coaching THE TEAM

When we look at a new task it is like being blindfolded: we can not see what is expected of us. However if we are trying to delegate something new, people seem to take forever to get the hang of it and we feel like tearing our hair out.

Coaching is about helping people to face the changing nature of work in a systematic way, providing them with tasks which are challenging whilst not overwhelming.  It also involves giving them support whilst they adapt to this new scenario.

Continuous Learning:

To succeed and prosper, organisations and teams need to focus on continuous learning and constant improvement at all levels.

Coaching and mentoring must be seen within this context and as an essential tool in your management toolkit.

Coaching Can Be Targeted At A Number of Areas:

  • Fresh and updated goals
  • Better understanding of individual roles
  • Improved communication
  • Tackling some difficult people and management issue
  • Improved personal efficiency
  • Introducing change

Normal price £100.00


Our approach will work through different processes exploring how to deal with issues at different times:

  • Identifying needs
  • Developing a strategy
  • Finding an opportunity
  • Tailoring the approach
  • Executing the task
  • Encouragement support
  • The review

Benefits of Our Approach:

  • Develop a five stage model for change or improvement
  • Understand how this contributes to the overall task of management
  • Improve interpersonal skills such as instructing, giving constructive criticism and action planning.
  • Identify opportunities for improving capabilities.
  • Help staff use everyday experience as learning opportunities.
  • Manage assignments, projects and practical work which is delegated.
  • Give and receive personal feedback.