Executive Mentoring: 

This is a specialist service we have been offering for over 30 years and focuses on identifying individual needs and facilitating action. It reflects the current trend towards executives and professional people taking more responsibility for their own development.

The three challenges:

  • Build confidence in their capability
  • Recognise their strengths and weaknesses and build relationships to bridge the gaps
  • Adapt their behaviour and resilience to cope with uncertainty and change

People start by looking at their capability and then move on to building their networks and personal relationships.

The third stage focusses on how they cope with uncertainty and challenge.Many people say there is no I in team. In our experience there are always different “I”s” and it is these talented individuals who create the biggest challenges and bring the biggest benefits..

We need to see this as a process in which individuals are continuously encouraged to reflect on and review their experience. Our service starts with individual profiling and includes:-

  1. Development plans
  2. Projects specifically designed for individuals
  3. Bespoke assessments
  4. Guidance on specific tools and approaches
  5. Regular support

Our Team:

Our approach is based upon matching the client to the mentor who can then work with the participant and as a team they can come to their own conclusions about their future development. All are coaches have been profiles and are familiar with their working style.

Much traditional mentoring operates on the premise that mentors will be previously successful managers and that the mentor advises the client on what to do to succeed. Many organisations that seek change unwittingly maintain the old culture through a traditional style of mentoring. Our system can be adapted to get the best from your staff. Also available are up to date work and team tools and learning based projects specifically designed for individuals at no extra charge.


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