Managing Talent

Do you need to learn about how you achieve results through people?

Profiling Your Approach To Managing People and Individual Behaviour

The purpose behind this profiling tool is to help people understand how they engage with and build long term relationships with others.  It follows the simple cycle which remains the foundation of all collaboration.


The more we stop and question our own behaviour the better we can manage the complex work, contributions and challenging behaviour of our talented and diverse people.


  1. Identify the essentials of an effective working environment
  2. Finds out how to maintain standards in your team
  3. Learn about how you react to problems
  4. Build collaboration across your team
  5. Encourage ownership and responsibility within your team
  6. Recognise how to develop a coaching approach
  7. Maintain the process of regular review
  8. Avoids letting people down with poor follow up
  9. Turn around staff with constructive use of feedback
  10. Manage the key issues of record keeping and documentation



Self Assessment Profile

This provides a common language that allows people to talk about issues that are hard to define.

Feedback From Managers:

Gives a rich insight into how managers view another’s performance:  it also provides a means of assessing the demands of a particular job.

Feedback From Team Members Profile

This shows the strengths and weaknesses of teams and enables them to identify ways in which to take a more balanced approach.


Guidelines on the ten steps

This shows individuals the vital steps in engaging team members.


This allows participants to build their approach to managing people.

Managing diversity

This brings out the contrasting talents of individuals and helps delegates understand crucial combinations and working relationships.

Team Management

This offers an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team along with which skills and processes need improving.

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  1. Developed the talent of teams for more than 30 years in the UK and Europe
  2. Offer follow up coaching and telephone support
  3. Adapt our appraoch to your processes and build value into your performance management
  4. Build long term relationships with you and your staff and help you recognise your achievements

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