Understanding the changing face of work


Work in modern organisations is becoming:

  • More diverse
  • Offering greater responsibility
  • Constantly changing

The purpose of this teambuilding exercise is to replicate what actually happens in organisations as people:-

  • Barter for different work to build their career
  • Hold onto work which does not suite them
  • Build empires
  • Criticise you for something you might carry out
  • Threaten you if work is not carried out in the way that they want

The Process:

During the exercise participants are asked to negotiate for some work which is carried out by a separate a department or team in your company whilst at the same time trying to lose some work that is no longer appropriate.

This dilemma has arisen partly because of the changing nature of the organisation but also because of the accumulated talents, which are within the team.

Participants have no idea what work the other groups have and will need to explore this with them to ascertain whether they have something, which they want.

Who Can Run It?

This can be used by consultants, trainers, mentors, managers, coaches etc., who need to break down the how individuals’ perceive how they work, what they avoid and how they delegate to others.

Time: The game takes 90 minutes to run and the self assessment exercises can be used flexibly to obtain most benefit.


Cost: £199.00

This includes a number of exercises in this tool kit to help you understand how you negotiate work. It can also be run as a half day workshop.


  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your group
  • Help you understand the attitudes of different people
  • Identifies the 5 different types of work in an organisation
  • Provide an opportunity for you to review your skill sets
  • Reduces defensiveness and labelling
  • Builds an understanding of team members

This exercise enables work to be understood and distributed in a more effective way.


  • Teambuilding Workshops
  • Project Management
  • Assessment Centres
  • Organisational Development
  • Management Development
  • Preparing Or Changing Job Roles