Another Way

  1. A Guided Team Walk
  2. Assessment of Roles
  3. Time to Think

Sometimes teams feel trapped in a repeating cycle of events from which they can’t break out?

Another Way combines the analysis of Team Roles with a guided walk to help teams discover individual team members identity along with the strengths of the team.

It takes them on a journey of self discovery and helps them understnd what kind of team they need to be and what they need to do to move forward.

The Approach:

Team Roles is an easy-to-use on line questionnaire that will clarify personal approaches to teamwork along with what drives individuals in demanding and challenging situations.

This is combined with a walk around the beautiful Christchurch Harbour. This will help interpret the balance of the team and how different members can contribute. You will be able to breathe new life into your group.

Finally the team will create an action plan to improve the performance of the team.

Use Another Way For

  1. Teambuilding
  2. Managing change
  3. Conflict and negotiation
  4. Leadership training
  5. Sales and customer relationships

Your team is the most valuable asset you have. Work with us to improve it. Find another way


  1. A journey through the essentail characteristics that make a team work
  2. Five mile walk to build relationships
  3. The opportunity to interact and share ideas
  4. Tools for developing your team
  5. Monitoring contributions through teambuilding exercises
  6. 360 degree feedback on how individuals contribute
  7. New strategies for improving the team 


  1. An understanding of what drives you will help reduce stress
  2. Recognising your strengths will allow you to develop your contributuion to the team
  3. New tools will help you to build your own approach to success
  4. An understanding of how people see you will improve relationships
  5. An understanding of the balance of the team helps you manage your reputation