Getting lean with work roles

Pulling team members together whilst keeping them a part

Do you feel you are trapped in a cycle of growing expectations and reducing resources?

Many factors increase expectations at work and erode our effectiveness:-

  • The continually changing nature of work
  • The increasing emphasis on performance
  • Growing complexity of work

In parallel to this individuals are increasingly demanding about job satisfaction. We need a new language to help us understand teams working practices, clarify expectations and see problems as opportunities.


Our Approach:

Our approach encourages people to be more discriminating about what work they complete, what they give up and what they ask others to do. It helps people understand:-

  1. What has been successful
  2. What wastes time
  3. Where systems and processes need developing

Once an understanding is created concerning different aspects of the work, a dialogue can occur concerning whom and how work is carried out. Without this we are confused as to why misunderstandings have occurred.

Getting Lean is designed to improve the management of work whilst at the same time allowing teams the scope to remove inefficiencies and improve processes. It is a world class approach to:

  • Improving Working Processes
  • Managing Team Effectiveness
  • Building Work Satisfaction

How could my organisation use it?

Option 1:

Assess how your staff use their time using Role Manager

Option 2:

Nominate a target group who want to improve their efficiency.

Option 3:

Train up one of your managers to use it.


Find ways of introducing efficiencies into your team. Take the first step to a lean future. Give each person a part to play


  1. Identify the working demands of the team
  2. Help delegates understand their work
  3. Identify where teams waste time and where they are successful
  4. Develop a lean improvement plan
  5. Recognise individual needs and how each person can contribute
  6. Improve the capability of working processes
  7. Explore how the team support each other
  8. Build relationships outside the team


  • Better working relationships with the team
  • Improved work management
  • Better understanding of individual roles
  • Improved quality of working lives
  • Efficient working practices
  • Lean Improvement Plan

This approach has now been adopted in countries as diverse as New Zealand, Australia and Denmark.