Improving Your Team Architecture

Too often the potential of teams is undermined by poor processes and we have no time to think about how to improve.

It leaves us stuck in a debilitating cycle of minor adaptations which eat away at the foundations of the team.

To build a successful future, we  must first understand the past. This involves looking closely at each dimension of the teams working practices and making improvements in critical areas.

Accurate feedback is essential.  We need to understand how everyone feels, then act to improve our performance.

Profile is designed to obtain accurate data about how the team’s various processes perform, then improve the key areas.  The assessment tool provides a structured approach to:-

  • Working with stakeholders to assess the team
  • Helping them feel included in the decision making process
  • Providing specific tools for improvement

The first steps are to:

  1. Develop an awareness of the key processes
  2. Start talking about them
  3. Set targets for improvement


The Process:

The team’s view of processes is often distorted by an over emphasis on targets and  a disregard for more complex enabling issues

We work with your team to:

  1. Help them become more aware of existing processes
  2. Design new processes
  3. Introduce different tools such as version control
  4. Establish the habit of using new working practices
  5. Introduce a review process to maintain success

How Your Organisation Can use It:

We will work in partnership with you and your team to deliver this bespoke process improvement service.  Our experienced coaches will facilitate the process from start to finish.


Use our Team Architecture assessment checklist

Option 2:

Work with a small group of stakeholders to establish the core process along with how effective they are

Option 3:

Carry out a survey on line of employees perception of different processes

We have been using profile for over 20 years with clients such as Rolls Royce.

Ring us on 01202 421229 to discuss how you might use this on one of your teams.

Features Of Team Profile:

  • Design & preparation of the assessment questionnaire
  • Engagement with the team
  • Running of focus groups
  • Preparation of reports
  • Facilitation of the feedback
  • Benchmarking
  • Road map for improvement
  • Coaching of individual team leaders or team members


  1. Build your team’s confidence
  2. Develop an accurate picture of how the team works
  3. Facilitate the setting of clear improvement targets
  4. Help teams manage their reputation
  5. Reduce team conflict
  6. Contribute to a dynamic Team Architecture