Team Analysis

Giving you the opportunity to plan the way forward with relevant information about the teams performance

Team Building

Giving you time and space to discuss and share the important issues

Team Improvement

Giving you world class techniques to build a successful team


Building Collaborative Processes for Empowered Teams

Analysing work, bringing people together, building effective processes,helping teams work collaboratively.


What makes a team successful?

30 years experience tell us that we need to:

  • Define success
  • Meet expectations
  • Add value

MTA, the team BUILDING company

We work with teams across the world to embed Dr Meredith Belbin’s team solutions

  1. Our team management service is designed to make expectations clearer, work more effective and results more satisfying
  2. Our approach helps teams escape from the debilitating cycle of growing expectations and reducing resources
  3. We believe in the power of teams to work effectively and efficiently in a world where real collaboration is in short supply

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